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1 a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving [syn: yarn]
2 any long object resembling a thin line; "a mere ribbon of land"; "the lighted ribbon of traffic"; "from the air the road was a gray thread"; "a thread of smoke climbed upward" [syn: ribbon]
3 the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together; "I couldn't follow his train of thought"; "he lost the thread of his argument" [syn: train of thought]
4 the raised helical rib going around a screw [syn: screw thread]


1 to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course; "the river winds through the hills"; "the path meanders through the vineyards"; "sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body" [syn: weave, wind, meander, wander]
2 pass a thread through; "thread a needle"
3 remove facial hair by tying a fine string around it and pulling at the string; "She had her eyebrows threaded"
4 pass through or into; "thread tape"; "thread film"
5 thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string"; "thread dried cranberries" [syn: string, draw]

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threed, þred, from þrǽd, ðrǽd, from common Germanic *thrēdu, from *treH₁-tu-, from *terH₁- “rub, twist”. Near cognates include German Draht and Icelandic þráður.


  • /θrɛd/
  • /TrEd/
  • Rhymes: -ɛd


  1. A long, thin and flexible form of material, generally with a round cross-section, used in sewing, weaving or in the construction of string.
  2. A theme or idea.
    All of these essays have a common thread.
    I’ve lost the thread of what you’re saying.
  3. A series of messages, generally grouped by subject, all but the first replies to previous messages in the thread.
  4. A unit of execution, lighter in weight than a process, generally expected to share memory and other resources with other threads executing concurrently.
  5. A helical ridge or groove, as on a screw.



long, thin and flexible form of material
  • Albanian: fill, pe
  • Arabic:
  • trreq Armenian
  • Chinese: (xiàn)
  • Croatian: nit
  • Czech: nit, vlákno
  • Dutch: draad, garen
  • trreq Esperanto
  • Finnish: lanka, rihma, kuitu, säie
  • French: fil
  • Georgian: ძაფი (dzap‘i)
  • German: Faden, Garn, Zwirn
  • Greek: νήμα
  • trreq Hebrew
  • Hungarian: cérna
  • Italian: filo
  • Japanese: (いと, ito)
  • Korean: (sil)
  • Kurdish: په‌ت
  • Latvian: diegs
  • trreq Lithuanian
  • trreq Mongolian
  • trreq Persian
  • Polish: nić, nitka
  • Portuguese: fio
  • Romanian: aţă, tort, fir
  • Russian: нить (nit’)
  • trreq Slovak
  • Slovene: nit
  • Spanish: hilo
  • Swedish: tråd
  • Telugu: దారము (daaramu)
  • Thai: (dâai), (chêuak)
  • Turkish: tire
theme or idea
  • Croatian: nit
  • Dutch: onderwerp , rode draad
  • Finnish: juoni
  • German: Thema
  • Italian: filo, filo conduttore
  • Polish: wątek
  • Slovene: nit
  • Spanish: tema, argumento
internet: series of messages
  • Croatian: nit
  • Dutch: topic, onderwerp
  • Finnish: säie
  • German: Diskussionsfaden , roter Faden
  • Italian: forum
  • Polish: wątek
  • Portuguese: tópico
computing: unit of execution
  • Croatian: nit, dretva
  • Finnish: säie
  • German: Thread
engineering: helical ridge or groove, as on a screw


  1. To put thread through.
    thread a needle
  2. To pass (through a narrow constriction or around a series of obstacles).
    I think I can thread my way through here, but it’s going to be tight.


put thread through
to pass


Extensive Definition

Thread may refer to:
  • A kind of thin yarn, thin fibers spun together, for textiles and sewing
  • Screw thread, which turns rotation into linear movement, by a ridge running in a spiral down the length of a cylinder
  • Threaded discussion, a group of messages or postings to a newsgroup, mailing list or Internet forum on a single topic
  • Thread (computer science), a sequence of instructions which may execute in parallel with other threads
  • Threads, a 1984 BBC television movie concerning the after-effects of a nuclear attack on Sheffield, UK
  • Thread (Pern), a destructive mindless alien spore in the Dragonriders of Pern series of science fiction novels
  • Threads (Stargate SG-1), a Season 8 Stargate SG-1 episode
  • Thread (unit of measurement), a cotton yarn measure, equal to 54 inches
  • Thread (album), a 1999 album by Wideawake
  • Thread is a sugar stage in candy cookery.
  • Thread (business technology), a connection invoked by either the buyer or the seller in order to publicly record the quality of a business transaction.
  • "Thread", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1978 book Babel
  • "Threads," slang for clothing.
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Aralac, Avisco, Celanese, Chemstrand, Dacron, Dynel, Indian file, Lastex, Manila, Orlon, Terylene, Velon, Vicara, acetate rayon, alpaca, angora, animal fiber, array, articulation, artificial fiber, bank, bast, be continuous, buzz, cambric tea, capillament, cashmere, catena, catenate, catenation, chain, chain reaction, chaining, cilium, cirrus, cobweb, coir, concatenate, concatenation, connect, connect up, connection, consecution, continuate, continue, continuum, cord, cotton, course, cycle, denier, descent, direction, dishwater, drift, drone, ease, endless belt, endless round, fiber, fibrilla, filament, filamentule, file, filiation, flagellum, flax, floss, form a series, gamut, gossamer, gradation, gruel, hair, hank, hemp, horsehair, house of cards, hum, inch, join, jute, kapok, line, lineage, linen, link, llama hair, maintain continuity, matchwood, merino, milk and water, mohair, monotone, motif, near-silk, nexus, nylon, oakum, pass, pendulum, periodicity, plenum, plot, powder train, progression, queue, raffia, range, rank, rayon, recurrence, reed, reticulation, rope of sand, rotation, round, routine, row, run, run on, sand castle, scale, sequence, series, silk, single file, sisal, skein, spandex, spectrum, spun rayon, strand, string, string together, subject, succession, suture, swath, tendril, tenor, theme, thesis, threadlet, tier, train, train of thought, tussah, twine, water, web, wind, windrow, wool, worsted, yarn, zephyr
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